Dark Souls Core Rule Book

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Prepare to die…

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So it is, ash seeketh Embers. Arise from the ashes, Unkindled one. You stand in a world choked by darkness and fallen gods, wehre monsters seek warm flesh and the curse of undeath turns even the greatest heroes into something less than human. Now, you must strive to restore the Lords, link the flame and lift the curse

Experience Dark Souls like never before in this comolete tabletop roleplaying game of adventure, horror and tactical combat. Inside these pages is everything you need to run thrilling roleplaying campaigns set in the ruinous Dark Souls universe:

– Complete fifth edition rules enriched with unique Dark Souls mechanics designed for authentic campaigns

– 10 bespoken new character classes for Dark Souls character creation, including incredible new abilities, sinister new character backgrounds and more

– Brand new magic system complete with devastating spells, pyromancies and blessing

– Visit the Ruined world of Lothric

– Full bestiary teeming with Dark ouls creatures

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