D&D 2024 – Player’s Handbook

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Release date: end of September

If you want to order all new books (Player’s Handbook, Dungeonmaster, Monster Manual and DM Screen), here, otherwise all books will be shipped together at the end of February 2025.

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Play Your Way

Introducing the 2024 Player’s Handbook, the new and improved guide for fifth edition DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. We’ve loved hearing from you and built this book to deliver what you want—and more! Packed with endless character options, striking illustrations, and a streamlined design, every part of this 384-page book is a joy to experience. Play however you want with optimized rules for character creation and advancement, exploration, combat, equipment, spells, and much more. Create characters you’ll love from an expanded selection of character options, revised and balanced for maximum fun.

Quicker Reference

Find whatever you’re looking for with an improved layout, better organization, and an alphabetized Rules Glossary. Updated character creation and learn-to-play sections make starting your adventure easier than it’s ever been, whether you’re a veteran or a brand new player. A world of new possibilities awaits!

Incredible Customization

Expanded player options! Customize your character with 12 classes, 48 subclasses, 10 species, 16 backgrounds, and 75 feats, revised and balanced for maximum fun. Everything has been thoughtfully designed from the ground up based on 10 years of feedback from the D&D community to provide you with the ultimate character creation experience.

Explore the new Weapon Mastery feature to give your fighter an extra boost in battle, or discover any of the 380 spells available in this guide to build your ideal wizard!

New Features

  • 12 Classes: Choose from a variety of classes to build your perfect character.
  • 48 Subclasses: Further specialize your character with unique subclasses.
  • 10 Species: Diverse species options for more character variety.
  • 16 Backgrounds: Rich backgrounds to add depth to your character’s story.
  • 75 Feats: Enhance your character with balanced and fun feats.
  • Tools & Crafting System: Craft new items and discover fresh ways to use your tools.
  • Weapon Masteries: Get greater versatility in combat with new Weapon Masteries.
  • 380+ Spells: Explore a vast array of spells, including new additions to your arsenal.
  • Alphabetized Rules Glossary: Locate rules information easily.

The ideal start to your D&D adventures, with updated learn-to-play and character creation sections. Improved layout and organization help you find the information you’re looking for more easily and clearly.

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